Vol. 3 No. 1 (2022): Hope and Time in Theology and Religion

The matter of hope arises as a complex consideration entailing that, at some point, that which is hoped for, desired, trusted, believed, or relied upon will come to be. Not hope alone, however, but the matter of hope in and of time and the time for or of hope is also deceptively confounding and there is great potential in contemplating the inextricable link between hope and time. 

Whilst there is a tendency in life and in scholarship to descend abjectly into the timeless and hopeless conceptual abyss, hope and time offer plentiful resources to avoid this. The world over—across philosophical, religious, theological, scientific and cultural traditions and epochs—thinkers have wrestled and struggled, contemplating and presenting their own thoughts on these two foundational human constructs. Along the way, whether ancient, modern, postmodern, or other, some of the most creative, penetrating, stimulating, and beautiful—but also ambivalent and difficult—cogitations and works of argumentation, prose, poetry, myth, literature, and art have and continue to emerge and populate the diverse and ever-evolving theological and religious landscapes we occupy (and have occupied).

This issue of The Journal of the Oxford Graduate Theological Society, explores "Hope and Time in Religion and Theology." 

Published: 2022-11-03


Editorial Introduction

Natasha Chawla
Abstract 52 | PDF Downloads 63

Page 5-8

Hope in Time

Celia Deane-Drummond
Abstract 106 | PDF Downloads 88

Page 9-20

Hope and Time in Theology and Religion

Rowan Williams
Abstract 130 | PDF Downloads 114

Page 21-30

The Pain-Patience Continuum

Douglas LeBlanc
Abstract 163 | PDF Downloads 90

Page 31-48

The Book of Revelation as a Breviary of Hope

William Bowes
Abstract 100 | PDF Downloads 116

Page 49-73

The Image of Hope

C.M. Howell
Abstract 63 | PDF Downloads 77

Page 74-101

Hope’s Hunger

Maikki Aakko
Abstract 87 | PDF Downloads 73

Page 102-121

Time and Eternity in Hegel

Andrzej Karpiński
Abstract 215 | PDF Downloads 161

Page 122-148

The Ontology of Time and Hope in the Resurrection

Ryan Mullins
Abstract 101 | PDF Downloads 145

Page 149-168

Mythic Sensibility and Mythopoeic Fantasy

Andrew Shamel
Abstract 247 | PDF Downloads 144

Page 169-185

Purification through Baptism

Justin Lam
Abstract 219 | PDF Downloads 142

Page 186-205

Theology and the Pornographic Imagination

Khegan Delport
Abstract 217 | PDF Downloads 231

Page 206-233